Last Friday, I wrote about that night’s online organized tasting of five wines from Bordeaux. The tasting was conducted using and a full stream of comments can be viewed on twitter by searching the hashtag that was a appended to all comments, #planetbordeaux.

I am going to share the five wines here, one a day, in a five part series, this week, and I am going to include the notes from the 35 or so wine bloggers who participated in the tasting live. It is interesting to note that while the wine tasting notes were sometimes contradictory, when taken as a whole, they give a much richer description than my notes alone would have given.

Before I review today’s wine, I’m going to share what the tasters wrote, in 140 characters or less, about the experience:

These are wonderful wines — Elegant, with character but not overpowering.

I am drinking beyond my expectations for these wines tonight…well played thus far.

wines — under 13.5% ABV — I do like that! (Means i can sip more…Shhhh)

I’m not getting the usual earthiness I get with Bordeaux. Is it me? Or are the French starting to “new world” their ways?

my decision to not spit these wines out is starting to pay dividends.

These are definitely session wines!

The prices on these are beyond sweet.

Very good QPR wines 🙂

Wowzers, all of these wines get better the longer they are opened & also in the glass. LOVE to watch ’em evolve!!

Good quality, moderate alcohol, and very good price-points.

“classic Bordeaux” is longevity, balance, structure in my HEART, but also expensive, overrated in my HEAD

These wines are fun! Love the ability to taste ’em like this, at once to compare. 😉

My peeps agree, all 5 wines, good price points, stylistically some differences, but overall good quality. Thank You

Really enjoyed this. Lots of great small producers! Great discoveries!

Definitely! I LOVE the Bordeaux wines, and the SRP on these is fantastic.

I thought these were great finds! And the price points make these every day values. Now, if everyone could get them…

the mellow alcohol across the board really helps bring out the aromas and the taste in these Bordeaux wines.

Great way to kick-off spring! Nice wines, good price points, moderate alcohol — these guys can compete at similar $ points!

The only thing that could have made this #planetbordeaux tasting better would have been #bacon 🙂

One of the best things about a wine tasting — the after-party! Good friends, good food, and good wines!

You guys put together a great list of wines to taste tonight, thank you! I had a lot of fun and learned much.

Tasted #PlanetBordeaux wines w/ a friend & when she heard the prices $13-$16, she said WOW. Admitted she needs to get over varietal labels.

Today, I taste a Merlot, made from 100% Merlot grapes:

La Butte du Château La Gatte 2006 – 100% Vieilles Vignes – Merlot – 13.5% alc.

The other words on the label include, “Bordeaux Supérieur, Appelation Bordeaux Supérieur Contrôlée,” and “Mis En Bouteille Au Chateau,” and “”

Okay, a beautiful full purple-y red in the glass, nice dusty earthy cherry nose, medium full body, nice bright fruit in mouth, cherry and plum, nice minerality, good acidity. long tapering finish. Drinking well now.

I opened and decanted an hour before tasting, and my last nose and sip two hours after opening was better than after only an hour. This is a big tannic bruiser, great nose, great mouth, delicious while unusual for someone used largely to only California Merlot.

I like it very much, and would happily taste it again.

Okay, those are my tasting notes. Here are the notes from the other tasters:

minerality from the limestone I suspect

only available in CA and NY so east/west coast extremes, point your ears…

Tight, very young, lean, pepper for sure, would not pick blind as 100% Merlot.

surprised here too

Getting spice, bright red fruit (raspberries), currant, and a dash of pepper. Nice!

Good fruits on La Gatta La Butte. Is this all merlot?

still rather young to me.

Glad I gave these breathing room….started out tannic an hr ago. Now still lean and mean…never would’ve known 100% merlot

massive red fruit attack now with strawberries, red licorice, cherries and raspberries.

100% Merlot (Old Vine), according to the notes.

“Old Vine” is that really something they can brag about in Bordeaux?

It seems “old vine” is 30-35 years on average for their vineyards… which is old but not like a century

Like the acids and the subtle hints of minerals.

Mouthwatering acidity and subtle tingle of tannins — a “Y” sensation down the hatch… Happy to be in Bordeaux.

the nose on La Butte du Chateau La Gatte is wonderful.

This will be better tomorrow. Too tight. The wine needs a Manhattan, a massage, and a good night’s sleep. Needs to relax.

Have a feeling I’m going to wish I was home early enough to let all of these breathe. I suppose time will tell.

California needs to take a few notes on what a 100% merlot wine can/should taste like. Jam belongs on toast.

Nicely balanced, and love the bright (acid) red fruit its delivering.

I’d love to try this La Butte du Chateau La Gatte 2006 in another 5yrs too!

totally agree on the bright acidity. Lacking a little something…but nice. Long finish too.

love the nose on wine 1. Old Vine Merlot. Plum, cherry, red fruit

Seems thin in body but big zing of Rhubarb and cigar box

funky and light, minerals and cherries.

dark cherry smell and taste.

Already 7 years old, this may be at or past drinkable peak. Not that it won’t get more “interesting.” Thoughts?

Already five year old, wonder if Butte is at its drinkable peak. Not that it won’t get more “interesting.” Thoughts?

Had to check my math! Ha Ha.

Ha! I was wondering where you came up w/ 7 🙂

7yrs is nothing for a wine with the acids of this one – IMO 🙂

it’s still got some tannic grip. I respectfully disagree 🙂

the Butte still seems really young to me, I’d give it a few more years, personally

Can’t agree there, this is still drinking very young IMHO.

I think it’s sipping nicely now. I personally wouldn’t hold it too long.

“dirt covered cherries” says the SPinC

very dirty but good substance.

wine 1 2006 Merlot, good structure, lots of life in the puppy. Drinks great now, would cellar well

my mouth is still fuzzy. But in a soft, way.

I’m really surprised there’s no CabFranc in the mix, with hints of tobacco leaf around the edges, esp. on the mid-palate.

agreed….I would’ve guessed a little cab franc as well. Really dig this. Can’t CA make merlot like this?! 🙂

I was thinking about that, too (Cab Franc), but I don’t get any telltale on the nose.

2006 Chateau La Gatte La Butte: A friendly, balanced take on Bordeaux. Nice start. 88+ points.

There was a range but around but $15ish.

La Butte Rock, cherries and rust. Sounds like a band name.

About $15 for the La Butte du Chateau La Gatte 2006….completely worth it and will probably taste even better tomorrow.

More than worth its price tag.

La Butte = Great QPR at $15

Yeah, I can dig the 06 La butte du Ch La Gatte at $15ish – definitely would like to see this in another 5 yrs

Yeah. Really. At $15 they could move a lot of this.

Food pairing? I’m thinking wet meat, more pot roast than NY Strip.

absolutely or a pork osso buco !

roast chicken for me w/ the Butte. On the “wet meat” side, I wouldn’t mind a coq au vin w/ this

Meat please.

ummm, not to be a thorn, but Beef BOURGUIGNON with BORDEAUX? A contractition in terms, no?

would probably be the same recipe, but called “Boeuf Bordelais” or something like that

I am laughing my ass off right now….BORDEAUXGUIGNON

Here’s another pairing, a spread of goat cheese, pancetta, shallots and shitake on fresh bread

loving the alive, ruby red color on this old vine merlot. She’s a sexy beast

yeah, i 2 wld “hit it” 🙂

go home with…maybe not marry 😉

yeah, that’s the cherry in there…dirt and cherry.

Wine 1 (Merlot) excellent minerality – does this count as a vitamin supplement?

We really like this one. Strawberry, leather, fruit is emerging after a few minutes.

Wine 1 Butte merlot – flavor profile – red fruit, dark strawberry/berry, dry finish, good tannins.

dusty and tight nose , but springs to life on the palette with bright acid and cherry

getting bit more florals now as it opens

even w/ 1hr decant, still opening up!

I think its good to go now, Bordeaux Sup wines aren’t meant to age that long. It’s drinking nice now.

dont get me wrong, I like it now… think it can round out more

Why does merlot have the soft, fruity image in the US? This wine is pretty tannic and rustic – digging it.

Tomorrow, in part two of this five part series, we’ll taste a Château de Lugagnac 2008.