Last Friday, almost three dozen online wine writers, wine bloggers, met online to taste and tweet about five wines from Bordeaux.

Using the hashtag #PlanetBordeaux, each tweeted comment was viewable in a stream, and tasters were able to enter their comments from the site created for the online tasting event.

Today, I’ll give you my review of the fourth wine tasted on Friday, and then share the comments from my fellow wine bloggers.

My review:

This is a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend red wine, and the color is what you would expect for a bottle of red wine. The nose is many noted with herb, spice, oak, and fruit. Nice tannins, chewy yet very drinkable multilayered wine with chocolate, eucalyptus, and mint supporting rich blackberry, cassis, and cherry fruit flavors. Good long finish. Really solid wine. Great price at only $15, seriously drinks like twice the price or more.

Others said:

nice oyster shell nose. love it.

red satin sheets billowing in the wind

1.5 hrs. decanted and still a tight girl

This be toasty. Toasty, I say.

Parenchere tight for me but only on the nose. Plenty going on on the palate, an oxymoron, I know

Minty, mintiness on Parenchere.

I get beef jerky and coffee on the nose


I’m enjoying the spicy, dry pluminess of the Parenchere. There’s a nice & tart finish.

Stanky indeed… and I dig some stank, aromas evolving quickly..

a big nose o’ coffee

Just mehh. My least favorite thus far. Very acidic and not balanced. No personality….yet….

Goodness Gracious! That is a nose I was not expecting! FUNK!

We’ve got a toasty, ripe one here!

decanted – nose is awesome. Earthy, almost Burgundian.

has by far the best nose so far. sexy.

I get interesting caramel notes on the nose; black currant, dry fruit & tobaco on the palate

it’s savory & earthy

1/2hour after decanting, dumb nose, but opens up again after an hour. Good flavors of plum and cherry.

a little hollow on the palate. Like the snout more than the gulp

I believe Parenchere has the largest production of all the wines tonight if I’m not mistaken.

Parenchere has me really looking for food now. The neighbor’s cat should stay away.

Nice dusty tannin finish, well made, delicious medium-bodied wine.

Was the 1% Malbec added 2 to add flavor, color, or structure the wine?

I think that is what is planted on the estate, not what’s in this particular wine.

ah yes, thanks for the clarification on the Malbec

how ’bout aroma on that Malbec? it’s a little smoky

It is growing on me. Very juicy fruit.

get a lot more concentration of fruit and a bit of Crayons on the nose.

VERY Sexy, dirty, nose here – take a mud-bath, throw in black-fruit w/ tobacco and later-up!

Wine 4 enchilada sauce nose, I must be hungry

Some serious dark cherry on the palate.

Now picking up cocoa. Haven’t tasted yet, we are courting. She could be ring worthy

Rose petals and musk. very balanced and is pairing great with Pt. Reyes original blue.

Still plowing my big nose in the bowl – dig it! Haven’t even tasted yet

Wholly shit dude this is good, WOW!

Nice tannins

Interesting. Good balance, acids bright, tannins nice, complexity, plenty of fruit, yet just don’t love the flavors

Snap into a Slim Jim..w/ a toasty, mineral driven, streak of dark fruit – Nice

Question on Parenchere – tasting notes say 50 merlot, 40 cab, 10 frac, 1 malbec…bottle says 60 cab, 40 merlot

I’m pleased with this wine; very nice character and will definitely improve

Great entry – and it wants you to remember it when it leaves.

I still can’t get over the muddy, sexy barnyard nose on this thing! Makes me want to mudwrestle! (only kidding!)

black currant, leather, earth, good tannins

Well made, and would settle down with food. Darkest fruits of the night, surprised by bitterness on finish.

The Parenchere is roughly $15.

If I had this, a room, and lube -I’d lock the door 😛


Oh my. I’ll take a case.

Ch de Parenchere could be my new #1 tonite slipping just past Lugagnac

I’m with you, but leaning toward Lugagnac.

Cocoa well integrated with bright berry and tannins, me like!

This seems like a classic Bordeaux to me. Savory and complex. Anyone else agree?

This 2007 Chateau de Parenchere is also smooth and I’m even getting some hints of dark chocolate

It hath grown on me as well.

LOVE CH. de Parenchere. – this lady gets the glass slipper, lingerie and a diamond. Bravo for unique ness

Château de Parenchère Cuvée Raphaêl 2007 – LOVING the grilled asparagus action on it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the veggies.

OK, I’m caving….nose is wooing me now.

definitely savory and complex.. haven’t had many BDX with such a minty nose in recent memory

Such a great value. Very nice wine. Thank you

Soft red fruit, earth, mushroom, velvety tannins, mouthfeel. Integrated. Highly recommend

This Parenchere gets smoother & smoother the longer it sits in my glass. Mmm… and it is mellowing.

The mint blew off of this — or I got innured to it.

A nice commingling of Old, New, and more Old 🙂 Good juice.

YES! It’s really opening up and pleasant. For $15, this is an amazing wine!! Loooove it…

If this is Classic Bordeaux, New World needs remedial school. I’d buy more Bordeaux & less Rhone if like this

Parenchére softening. Really needed time. The bitter bite on the finish is gone. I see why Becky Sue recommended it.

reminds me of a walk thru the Eurcalyptus forest near my house

Glad I was convinced to stick around with Parenchere….really unfolding nicely now… the deflowering of a virgin. I agree,

it opens up very nicely. I wasn’t sure at first, but I’m liking it more and more with each sip.

great stuff you shared with us. My favorite of the night.

Thank you for sharing your outstanding wine.

60% cab sauv & 40% merlot in the Perenchere? really? I thought from color & berry some petit verdot ?