Look what I found in my inbox today:

“Millesima USA is launching “The Millesima Blog Awards” to honor the American wine blog community and to give to our 70,000 customers the most qualitative and independent content about wine.

Millesima USA selected 10 bloggers for each of the following categories: wine tasting, wine news and wineries. The 30 blogs selected to participate have been chosen based on their relevant and high-quality content, to supplement Millesima’s profound knowledge of the world of wines.”

I feel honored that John On Wine has been selected for a Wine Blog Award 2014 as a Top 10 Wine News Blog.

I am in great company with many of the other awarded blogs being ones I read. I don’t know how I made the list, but gift horses, and all of that, so I am simply grateful for the honor.

A Top 10 Wine News Blog award for a blog with such a narrow Mendocino focus is a little surprising, but I do get a little run in the local newspaper too, so if not purely wine news, I’ve got news-ish down.

Thanks, to the staff and judges at Millesima USA. Here’s the announcement: http://blog.millesima-usa.com/millesima-blog-awards/